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About Us

Bonjour! Bienvenue et welcome to New Niveau!

Who are we

New Niveau is a Francophone focused media & entertainment company based in Louisiana. We are playing a small part in a growing effort to keep Louisiana French alive and thriving in the United States and around the world.

Our story

We started in 2013, following the foot steps of many talented and inspirational figures before us, by forming the band Sweet Crude and setting modern pop, rock, indie music with Louisiana French lyrics.


In 2019, after 6 wonderful years, two record deals, and a whole lot of traveling, we were excited to ask what's next for our mission. We decided that in addition to making music, we could use our years of production and creative experience to focus on new original programming designed to entertain, educate, and to create more opportunities for community engagement.

And so, New Niveau was born!

Our mission

Our mission is to help build a movement of cultural and economic opportunity here in Louisiana through new, exciting, and relevant programming, and to help connect french speaking communities around the world.

New Niveau to us is the next level in moving Louisiana French from preservation to globalization.

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