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Launch of the 'Réseau international des Maisons des Francophonies' (RIMF)


The Réseau international des Maisons des Francophonies (RIMF) was formally launched on Tuesday, September 15. RIMF brings together 34 Francophone cultural institutions around the world, including the NOUS Foundation, a partner of New Niveau, and CODOFIL.

This civil society-led initiative, which includes members from around the world, is based on a desire to share ideas, work in solidarity, and exchange good practices among institutions working to promote the use of the French language. The 34 founding members of RIMF, which are spread across nearly 16 countries (in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America), share similar values ​​and share the common goal of promoting the French language. The institutions in the network recognize the different realities of Francophone communities around the globe, particularly minority Francophone communities. The RIMF is also striving to include a large number of Francophiles around the world.

To achieve its objectives, while respecting the autonomy of each of its members, the RIMF intends to promote common citizen-led actions highlighting the values ​​of the Francophonie in the realms of culture, education, heritage, society, the economy, and the environment. Given its openness, the RIMF will gradually welcome new members to reflect the diversity of the French-speaking world.

Two institutions - both located in Louisiana - were chosen to represent the RIMF network in the United States: the NOUS Foundation (New Orleans) and CODOFIL (Lafayette). These two organizations now enjoy partnerships with more than 30 cultural institutions around the world. Scott Tilton, co-founder of the NOUS Foundation, in speaking on the RIMF described it as, "a milestone in encouraging the development of lasting links between Louisiana and the entire Francophonie."

The co-presidency of the RIMF network, which is headquartered in Lyon, has been entrusted to Christian Philip, President of the Maison de la francophonie de Lyon, and to Michel Robitaille, President of the Board of Directors of the Centre de la francophonie des Amériques based in Quebec. Additional information is available on the Network's Facebook page.


Presented in partnership with The Nous Foundation


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